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Idea for Acoustic Echo Issue

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  • Idea for Acoustic Echo Issue

    Why don't make an apps in VB or better inside road runner able to activate or deactivate MIC when outputted sound from speaker reach a fixed and configurable level, yes this function similar to Half Duplex mode buth is better than push a button during driving..and also in this way there is no echo on the other side.
    I searched for Microsoft Kernel Acouscit Echo Cancellation...but for now it is difficult to implement.
    If anyone want to try i think thi could be a solution for now

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    The best solution would be a little circuit such as in those conference call speaker phones (for table top).. They subtract the speaker's output from the mic input, as I most cell-phones with speaker phone do. Trying to do a software solution for this would be somewhat of a jerry-rig the way I see it.. but it's just my opinion of course.

    PS: Before you ask, YES I have looked for OEM circuits like I described, and NO I have not found any.. though, someone with some electronic skills could easily make it.
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      Yes of course I agree with you that a software is always more slow in the response but i didn't find any circuit usefull for now... Microsoft and skype perform a echo cancellation with a driver that use directX and porobably work well...
      I searched for a circuit to subtract audio from mic line but unfortunatly i didn't find anithing usefull... theorically is sufficent to add at signal coming from mic , the signal coming from speaker with a phase shift of 180 degrees, but they must have the same amplitude and is not simple to do ....
      The best solution is an adaptative filter trained by speker mic response... i think cellular phones make this kind of alghoritm for DSP.
      If you have any idea.... becouse for now phonecontrol is unusable for speakerphone conversation....


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        ummm, if skype does that then it really doesn't work cause I use it everyday and if I don't put on my headphones, man I get *****ed about echo... haha but hey, if you find something useful, let me know.

        Currenly the best solution for handsfree is still a BT headset (my opinion of course)
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        "Being happy is not about having what you want, it's about wanting what you have."
        "The best things in life are always free - but that doesn't mean money can't buy you good things."


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          I'm not 100% sure, but I think my computer at home (MSI-KNGM2-FID motherboard with RealTek ALC880on-board audio) offers the noise cancellation in the driver.
          Just thought I'd throw that out there


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            yeah, i think the BT headset or even some other phone specific handsfree option is about the best its gonna get for now. Moto and Sony have some decent handsfree options and some with att wires that will (if your radio supports it) lower the headunits volume while you talk. These can prob be hooked up to a pc somehow to do similar. I think its easier to solve this problem on the desktop than it is inside a car. Interiors of buildings are much quieter than in your car where there are all kinds of noise, not to mention the radio which is my biggest problem. No matter what volume level its at, its too loud for people on the other end of the call. So i allways have to mute the radio completely when i talk, which i hate. Using a bt headset i can at least leave the radio on.
            The new accura's have really good oem handsfree, not sure what they are using hardware wise, but the sound is good on both ends. I think they may have a seperate speaker for phone calls though.
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              Umh... there is a windows component called Microsoft Kernel Acoustic Echo Cancellation that use a driver called aec.sys i searched in Microsoft online msdn but i didn't understand how it function.

              I tryed to use connection with my cellular phone and phoco and to route the audio to a handsfree kit but it doesn't function becouse i can estabilish a connection between cellular and phoco and also open a gateway between cellular and pc.
              But pc and cellular phone didn't support a audio connection alone....
              for and bluetooth headset during phoco connection or also pc and bluetooth headset during a gatway connection with cellular and pc.


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                Update, I found this datasheet over internet related to a Microchip DSP can someone verify if this could be help with echo issue....


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                  ok i found this... i think it regulates gain of mic based on wath is recived from the other side...

                  can be a solution ?