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What is used to play WMA files? Winamp?

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  • What is used to play WMA files? Winamp?

    I'm searching for a front end to use with my new carputer and have a few requirements that do not seem to be satisfied by any one system.

    -Capable of playing my subscription downloads from Yahoo music. (Anything using the media player activeX control seems to work, like frodoplayer).
    -Support for the Sirius-> USB board (Only Road Runner?)
    -Support for Routis embedded.

    That's about it. The rest of the features I could take or leave.

    The only unknown for me is if Road Runner will satisfy my first requirement. Is winamp used to play all media files? Exactly what role does it play?


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    Windows Media Player, my good man. A simple google search would have yeilded you the same results. You can also play them in winamp though.
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      Download it and try like everyone else.
      iGMon - Integration between iGuidance and Road Runner
      CFX - Skin for Road Runner


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        If I remember right, the newest version of winamp can play DRM protected WMA's.

        Try RevFE
        The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.