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  • crashing computer

    Maybe it is the wrong thread but since I can reproduce it only within RR I am posting here.
    Every time that I go into RR and open a movie it plays great, but as soon as I switch a movie it freezes the computer and 30 sec later I get a blue screen of death with the message that "vtdisp went into an infinite loop" and then the machine reboots. However the movies play normal in the windows media player and media player classic.
    I tried the following unsuccessfully:
    1. Different versions of the MB drivers and VGA drivers
    2. different codecs - divx and ffdshow, just divx, k-lite codec pack (clean install using ghost images)
    3. replacing the RAM stick

    In the end I noticed that if in the display properties (Advanced -> Troubleshooting) I will turn the hardware acceleration slider to the 3rd tick the system becomes stable, but the some of the videos are jerky and the cpu usage arround 100%

    I have Epia SP13000 512Mb Ram with all the latest drivers from the via site and the latest RR.

    Basically I am out of ideas and am open to any suggestions. What bugs me is that RR plays any movie, but only when I switch between the movies it freezes. Any ideas would be welcome.


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    This is definitely machine related (prob. video card), I would suggest you use MPC instead of the built-in player then -- the only reason it's there is as an option for users with advanced settings or problems with the built-in player.
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