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Setting 800x480 in a VMWare player virtual machine

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  • Setting 800x480 in a VMWare player virtual machine

    I'd like to experiment with the various front ends using a virtual machine. The VMWare player is now free and it's easy and fast. There are two sites that tell you how to install XP on a virtual machine:

    I used the first one to install XP Pro before I found the second one. Anyway, I'm trying to set the screen resolution to 800 x 480. Powerstrip doesn't seem to want to allow me to set a custom resolution. May be due to the driver appearing to be generic to Powerstrip - I don't know.

    I tried these settings in the "WindowsXPPro.vmx" file as someone else was directed to do something similar in a thread at the vmware site. He wanted a dual monitor sized resolution, I adjusted them a little bit:

    svga.maxWidth = 800
    svga.maxHeight = 480
    svga.vramSize = 5242880

    That ended up forcing 640 x 480 in the standard display control panel and I couldn't change it.

    Any ideas?
    How to bring a laptop out of standby with WOL features

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    Uhhh.. did you mean to post this in the RR forum ??

    Anyway, I think trying out front-ends in a virtual machine is a bad idea altogether.. heck, my Pentium 200Mhz with Win98SE should run RR better than using VMWare.. not to say great part of the testing is seeing how well it adapts to your hardware, drivers etc.. But if you are going to do it anyway, be sure to install VMWare tools in the virtual machine or the resolution will be crappy and the sound may not even work.
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      If you were talking about Virtual PC and VMWare Workstation I'd agree. But, I'm talking about VMware Player. I can't explain the techy details but it is WAY faster than the previous emulation programs.

      Here's a few things I've timed on my Dell 8400 3.0 Ghz desktop:

      ~40 seconds to boot VMware Player with XP Pro SP1 to a usable desktop
      2 - 4 seconds to launch Road Runner (native or through VMware Player)
      How to bring a laptop out of standby with WOL features