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RR - Multi Toggle Button?

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  • RR - Multi Toggle Button?

    Hi There

    just wondering if anyone can help me out with this as software and coding is like swahili to me. Hardware's more my thing

    How would I make a single button toggle between MP3, Video, Radio GPS?

    what is the RR command- switchbutton?

    reason: i want the R/T button on the bmw to toggle between "modes" so to speak, so if the car starts up in music, i press r/t it goes to video, press again it goes to radio / press it again and it goes to gps, and then back to mp3.

    can this be done ??


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    Just modify the Code for the Button in the specified *.skin.


    in Audioplayer u set the Code to GPS
    in GPS u set it to VIDEO
    in VIDEO u set XM
    in XM u set AUDIO

    You have different Skins for different Functions, so thats the easiest way to do that

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      If you get the buttons in the car to work with RR, you'll probably learn that in the process.

      If your button executes "RTBUTTON" for instance, you just have to set in exectbl to execute something different for each screen:


      If you don't understand the aboce, try to get your button to execute SOMETHING/ANYTHING in RR first, if you get to that, it'll be very easy afterwards.
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        Ok got it-

        I'll give it a try and let you know how it works out.

        Thanks guys this project, and roadrunner, has been one crazy adventure with exceptional results.
        Many thanks Guino