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Running Visualization = 100% CPU Load?

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  • Running Visualization = 100% CPU Load?

    It seems that when the Visualization works the CPU load is 100% if i turn it off, it goes down to normal... Is there a reason to this? I have the latest flash and i searched a little, but couldn't find much other then that thread in the FAQ's....

    I am new to this whole RR thing and maybe i'm doing something wrong here as well, but when I click on Visualization it just runs behind RR not on it...

    Any help would be apreciated.


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    Visualizations are quite CPU intensive.. be sure you have your prooper MB drivers installed and see if you can use any hardware acceleration to improve performance.. Depending on the machine you have it definitely will load 100%.
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      On my 2.0ghz laptop, when vis is running, CPU is at around 90%. Then again, my VIS window is around 580x420, which is pretty big. In Milkdrop, you can reduce the frame rate. In AVS, you can "double the pixel". That'll help out some.
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