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is there a problem with the new flash or what?

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  • is there a problem with the new flash or what?

    I reformatted my computer and reinstalled. Added the newest flashplayer as normal and now no flash in rr works. I think i remember readin there was a problem with the newest one but i'm not sure. Is there a problem and if so can i delete the active x and install flash 7 (which i have on my home pc now) Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    Hi Sonicxtacy02,

    Check the Faq, I have recently had a similiar problem, and the Flash, high CPU faq in helped me sort out my problems. I think you need to get rid of Flash9.ocx, and replace it with Flash8.ocx, the download is in the thread. I also had to change the color depth on my MII to 16 bit, to get off 100% CPU all the time. I now stay in the high 90's, but the MII is still responsive. It's amazing that a few k's worth of flash files can cause so much activity. I also had to edit the flash files and drop the frame rate to 2 a second to help out.

    Thanks go to Chuck for bringing that one to my attention.

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