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Code to start Programs when RR starts

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  • Code to start Programs when RR starts

    I set RR as the Shell so now my programs in Startup Folder do not launch. However, I need Igmon and yahoo Widgets to start but i cant seem to get the ONSKINSTART to work.
    I been messing with the ONSKINSTART command in the EXECTBL.ini file (in skin folder).
    currently it has this command

    "ONSKINSTART","RUN;LSTOOLS\welcomeMSG\welcome. exe"

    Can anyone explain to me why if i add more lines underneath it wount work.

    "ONSKINSTART","RUN;LSTOOLS\welcomeMSG\welcome. exe"

    Appreciate some help. =)

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    Use regedit and launch them from the registry.
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      wave, try this.

      iGMon - Integration between iGuidance and Road Runner
      CFX - Skin for Road Runner


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        hey thanks for the replies. I used the posted code. It loaded the igmon. The widgets didn't load. i'm thinking because its a shortcut command. I'll mess with it some more. I think not running explorer might of affected the igmon though, loads with zoom errors, but i never encountered this before. Thanks again, i'm just happy i know how to use the code better. Didn't know you could stack it with the "||". thanks again!


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          Originally posted by IntellaWorks View Post
          Use regedit and launch them from the registry.
          How do I do that ?


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            It works!!

            Almost all of the time too!


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              1st: I found this thread by searching .
              2nd: I don't want to know how to run another programm as shell, I know how to do that.

              I want to know how to launch other additional programs at startup.