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feature request: allways ontop/bottom/normal

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  • feature request: allways ontop/bottom/normal

    as the title says,
    i think we need a setting in RR to force RR to be either allways ontop, on bottom, or normal.
    this should not affect embeded applications.

    The reason i ask for this, there is this annoying thing when you click on a RR button or any element of RR's window while there is an embeded application running it will blink/flash the window. I think because RR is forceing the embeded app to allways be ontop of RR (where it should be). But some embeded apps dont do this, like the video player or webbrowser only apps that i manually add myself.
    Ive done some testing and wrote a script to force a window to be ontop and RR nolonger has to fight or force the window up when i click on RR buttons.
    But this isnt a real solution for me because with the embeded application window now ontop, i cant run other utilities ontop of this window. This example is for the GPS (IG) where i have a flyout menu that sits ontop of the map window and must allways be the topmost.
    I also have other things im running, object dock tabs, that should be ontop of RR and sometimes they stay ontop, sometimes not.

    I think the best way to solve these issues is to force RR to allways be on the bottom/desktop.

    Ive tried other things like using the clipping where the embeded app is located and that also works, but you have the added artifact of when you switch screens you can see your desktop wallpaper.

    Maybe there is a setting somewhere im missing in refference to application embeding, i dont know.
    If so, someone please chime in.

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    There are problems with setting RR always at the bottom or the application always on top.. Extra windows usually get in the way, or you can't get to another screen because of the application on top. I do intend to add a few more options to embedding applications, and may just add those for choice, but they'll hardly help. The best thing to do is to get the application INSIDE RR's screens, but there are plenty of applications that crash when you try to do that.
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