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iGuidance3 (iG3) and Skinbedder

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  • iGuidance3 (iG3) and Skinbedder

    So, lately I've check out iGMon, iGLaunch, and tonight Skinbedder.

    iGMon works great with iG2.x; however, I got iG3 last night.
    iGLaunch wouldn't seem to get rid of the border at the bottom.
    Skinbedder was too quirky, so I checked out version 2.99999999 of SB. After an hour os so, I've got some custom buttons that work. I figured I'd post up my opinion and results.

    iGMon makes iGuidance 2.x useable in the car and is a must. However, the UPMC version of iG3 is extremely useful without any wrappers whatsoever. But I wanted to get rid of the boarders and embed in RR, so ultimately SB seems to be my solution. Check it out:
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    DVD/CD-RW installed in dash below monitor
    OEM LCD relocated for 7" Touchscreen
    Wi-Fi, GPS, PS2 controllers...
    500+ full albums
    4,000+ video games
    music videos, movies, & more!
    old carPC

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    Linky to my skin as well. Please post yours.