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Phoco - phone control and BlackBerry - 8700 - ? Pointers and Phoco?

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  • Phoco - phone control and BlackBerry - 8700 - ? Pointers and Phoco?


    I would have not posted this without doing some research, but am admittedly a novice to the Phone Stuff going on here ;-) However when I first did my CarPC I had not plans for GPS, DVD player.... that's now an old story ;-)

    So I am assuming what the interface does is acts as a front-end for your mobile phone either via. USB or BT - then your headset (BT or whatever handles the audio)?

    First things first - I've not seen much action with people getting the BB to work so please let me know if you did - and how? or any pointer links....

    Second - out of curioisity perhaps if not too much trouble someone could add 2 cents on what Phoco does here. For example of BlueTooth is sending strings to the phone for dial, can it also be using the phone for BT headsets. Perhaps once the dial sting is sent its released? And phonebooks - are those local or from the phone?

    Sorry for the long ? - but would really LOVE to get this working, the BB is great at BT and USB so assume its an SDK or open access to the AT commands?

    Thanks so much guys

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    Yeah I would really love to use my Blackberry with this program... Hook it up
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      I'm interested as well as I have a 7250. I managed to get it syncing with the Desktop Manager via bluetooth and doing high speed dialup via USB, but never actually sat down and tried to put it together with Phone Control.
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