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  • Multiple bookmarks (audiobooks)


    I would like to see one great and outstanding feature:

    A bookmark manager with the following functionality:

    1. on ejecting a disc he stores a bookmark of the current song and position in the song. After reinserting the disc, it resumes on this position.

    2. Ability to set bookmarks manually and a list to manage and recall them.

    Its important that the bookmarks also contain the current position in the file. There is a plugin for winamp - amarok - but its not very comfortable to use.

    Please post your opinion and if its possible to implement this in RR. Thanks!


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    i did some research and it should not be difficult.

    There is a possibility in winamp to read the current track and playing position:

    int ret=SendMessage(hwndWinamp,WM_USER, data, id);

    105 If data is 0, returns the position in milliseconds of playback. If data is 1, returns current track length in seconds. Returns -1 if not playing or if an error occurs.

    106 Seeks within the current track. The offset is specified in 'data', in milliseconds.

    This seems to be the important part, and it looks quite easy...
    Additionaly it should be possible to create a bookmark, when pressing the eject button on RR...

    Is there any chance to see that feature in the official application, or do i have to make my own version? (thanks for the source!)


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      I 2nd the motion! I'm a big audio book listener but my kids want to listen to music some times. It's hard to remember where I left off in the book when I switch to music. I don't use disc though, I convert my books to mp3 and store on the HD.

      While we are on the Audio book subject can we get support of the disk# tag? I tag all my books like this:

      Author - book title - disk# - track#

      File Name:
      John Steinbeck - East Of Eden - 01 - 01.mp3

      Road Runner supports title, artist, album, track, genre, year but not disk.


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        I would like to see this feature also. I listen almost exclusively to audio books while driving, some of which have hundreds of individual files.

        Whenever my kids ride with me they want to watch videos or listen to their music. It would be nice to be able to switch between play lists and have some way to remember exactly where you were in the audio book (besides writing it down :-)


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          Gees! we're going to need to start out own MP3Car book club!

          I usually have two books going at the same time. One in the car and one on my phone. I have a PPC phone, the 8125, with a 2 gig mini sd card.

          Most books seem to be around 10 disk usually 25 tracks per disk so about 250 files. Sure makes it hard to remember where you left off. Harder then heck to try and get back to the same spot too.


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            seems like this wish can not compete with such important features like spinning flash logos, clocks, video players, mame etc...


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              If you are interested, this is what I am doing about audiobooks,



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                thanks for the proposal, but i prefer to have music and audiobooks in one program and one format -> winamp & mp3.


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                  yes...I've been searching winamps site for this. I want it so much!!! Definetely seems do-able and there are a few things out there that save your position when winamp quits. Just need to adjust that to write those positions into a log or DB on a button press and then a way to resume one of the playlists/tracks from this log.
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                    i would prefer bookmark files with naming like: artist-album-title-time (time is the starting point inside the mp3, example "3:20"). Maybe with the name of the medium after time. Inside the file should be all info from the name and the mp3 filename, path, driveletter and the serial number of the medium.
                    I will try to implement a proof of concept with vb script...


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                      Wouldn't you want the playlist to load too? I have some books that are one long file, but most are a collection, like TimmyM points out. When returning to a track and position that I was listening too, I'd want it to move on to the next track after this one completes.
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                        Good point!
                        you are right, its good to remember the playlist. In my case, i would prefer to load the directory, where the file is located, cause i do not use playlists usually...
                        another option would be to save the playlist in the bookmark file...


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                          Here is the proof of concept as a rar archive with 2 vbs files - they create a bookmark file in xml format and can restore it...
                          You need activewinamp to run it...(download from winamp site).
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                            Winamp 5.21 (I'm not sure about older versions) has a bookmark,Ctrl+Alt+I and Alt+I, feature BUT it does not load the play list, Only the file that you bookmarked. which is just a worthless feature.

                            I would think loading the directory would be a good way to go. I don't use playlist much, mostly use directory folders.


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                              i think, the bookmark feature in winamp does not save the current position in the file...
                              in my test it turned out, that restoring the playlist should do it - even i also use directories, i add the files to the playlist