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why is roadrunner doing this

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  • why is roadrunner doing this

    iy puts those little yp things everywhere in song names and stuff

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    Mine does this also, can anyone provide an answer?


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      Well I know that the "p thing" as you call it is scan code Alt-0-2-2-2 = Þ

      Ususally used as a placeholder, because it is uncommon. Did you rip this CD, or download it. It could be that when you, or whoever did rip it, used software that inserts those characters telling it when artist/track #/title character string is up. RoadRunner is just reading everything verbatum, so it appears.
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        that used to happen to me when i used tag an rename to edit my id3tags... now i just do it the manuall way through winamp... its a pain in the *** but atleast rr displays em properly
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          I used to use a program called ID3-Tagit. Seems to work perfectly. I removed both the v1 and v2 tags, then edited everything in groups by album. Yea it takes awhile but its worth it imo.


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            There is a FAQ on this at the top of the RR forum. Check out THIS THREAD to remove those characters AUTOMATICALLY.

            xmadowx Wrote:
            I removed both the v1 and v2 tags, then edited everything in groups by album.
            WOW!!!!, I would be here for DAYS if I had to remove all V1 & V2 tags, and replace them (16,400 MP3's on 942 albums).
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              by your screen shot you also need to install the correct fonts.
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