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  • Newbie stack o' questions

    So I'm in the process of ordering the base machine for my install and I'm thinking software at the same time. I've pretty much settled on Road Runner as the front end based on the level and pace of development.

    I've got a few questions to better help me plan my install:

    1) I'm leaning toward iGuidance3 as my navigation (which is the real reason I started this project). I've seen mention of embedding with and without skinbedder and with or without iGKeys3 and various combinations of igMon and ig launch and more. What configuration is working for people and is there a recommended skin that's already built? (I'm certain I'll be changing and adding later, but starting from a working base might ensure I don't trash the project before it really gets off the ground, you know?)

    2) Is there any way using a standard usb gps receiver that I can throw an accurate compass on the screen even when iGuidance isn't the focused app? (Two navigation questions at the same time -- you might think I'm directionally challenged -- and you'd be right!)

    3) I plan to use the standard media options: CD, mp3, ogg, flac, accessing both from the hard drive and from an external usb dvd drive. Any caveats I should be aware of?

    4) Bluetooth integration: It looks like some people have phone control running inside rr and somebody else is developing a standalone plugin. What's working as a handsfree for anyone? (Bonus points if it's working with a treo 650.)

    5) Voice Control. I think I've heard that there is voice control inside roadrunner. Anybody have that working to get all the way to iG3? I oh so desperately crave voice control paired with voice navigation. If there's no way to get there from here, what about navivoice? Or is there something else I'm missing?

    6) Auto ducking/pause of sound. My ideal plan is to have navigation automatically duck (that's theatre audio geek speak for turn down temporarily) any media playback underneath turn by turn directions. Bluetooth phone calls on the other hand would want to pause the media but still play navigation overlaid. I have some ideas on how to do this with pd (Pure Data) scripts and virtual audio cables but it will be processor intensive and I'd hate to reinvent the wheel if there's a better way already built in to something.

    7) Putting it all together. So does anybody happen to have an install doing all or most of this that they could share the details for? Anything I'm obviously missing that I'd know if I'd done this before? Any desire to choke any newbie silly enough to post a starter thread this long?

    Thanks for any thoughts folks.

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    1. good choice. esp if you are in north america. Most of the skins or a fair amount are set to use IG as the navigation. Shamelessly i would have to recommend lsx void there are other very,very nice skins avail too so download them all see which one blows your skirt up

    2. Yes, this is done with port splitters. Some usb gps devices support port splitting in there drivers. Others you can use small utilities that split the port for you no matter what gps device you have. As for whats a good one, i would search in the GPS forum here.

    3. no

    4. not sure what works with a treo650 (isnt that the palm os version). You can check the compatability chart for phoco and see if your phone is listed. RRMobile is fairly new so im not sure how extensive its phone compatabilit is yet. Works good with my sony phone

    5.Im not sure if there is voice control inside RR or not (some one else can verify this ) but there are voice control options available on a system wide basis on this forum. Personally i dont use any due to noisy environment inside pretty much make it pointless for me.

    6. audio ducking thats a new one. Makes since though. I think mappoint intergration in RR does this by default (not sure). IGMON avail here does this for iGuidance. As well a lot of other cool things.

    7. I would say the majority of people here have all this setup and running. My install is about 3+ years old. I think there is a section here somewhere for posting pics of your set up install etc.

    welcome to the forums and have fun.
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