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Newb - setting up XM and GPS iGuidance

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  • Newb - setting up XM and GPS iGuidance

    Hey guys,

    I just completed my install!!! So friggin' cool!!! I've got RR installed with winamp and mpc and all my mp3s sound great!!!

    I can't seem to get my GPS (usb antenna) or my XM to work. My GPS came with software that reads lat and long, but its not finding the GPS com port (or at least I'm not). My XM is using the mp3car store's XM direct usb controller, but I have no idea how to configure that either.

    Any info on RR and configuring iGuidance and XM would be awesome!

    Thanks again guys, I could not have gotten this far without this forum.

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    For XM all you have to do is set the com port for the XM direct in RRConfig (I assume the usb controler creates a COM port for you). Similarly, your USB GPS should also provide a COM port which you should set in iGuidance (and not in RR). There are specific forums for questions regarding GPS .. I'm sure you can find some answers there..
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