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Multiple instances of an app starting up

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  • Multiple instances of an app starting up

    Hi, I did read the FAQ on embedding apps into road runner, but it seems road runner is not reusing the existing window. I'm probably a little dense about it but perhaps it's something i'm doing wrong.

    I have a button in one skin mapped to another skin which the app should open in. The code for my button is:

    B01,0,345,135,82,"LOAD;;DeltaDashFor m;H:\projects\carComputer\dd\DDDemo.exe;DeltaDashF orm","DD"

    The name of the window I want to embed is DeltaDashForm(As per Winspector - This seems to work for skinbedder)

    What happens when I click this button is that it will bring up my skin, with the app, but if i were to exit the skin, DD would continue running. If I were to hit the button to start DD again, it would open another instance of delta dash. (and so on.) It would be best if it didn't close the app, and rather reuse the existing window if one existed. (as it takes a litte while for this to fully start up)

    In the skin of the app, I've got

    Which does not close the window unfortunately -

    thanks for reading, pls help ..

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    Hello Ragnarok,

    For the window name, I think you need to use !DeltaDashForm. The missing exclamation mark may be all that is required to sort this out.

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      Those symptons are clearly of using a wrong window title.. an ! in front of the title denotes that it is a CLASS name and not a window title -- you should double check the info in winspector spy and also make sure that the name is unique so RR doesn't confuse one window for another and finds the correct window.
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        Thanks for the reply guys,

        I must have been very tired - my eyes were playing tricks on me. I went to look at it again, and I indeed did misspell the window name- my brain was reading DashDesignForm as DeltaDashForm - and couldn't figure out why it wouldn't work...

        sorry for the trouble- it works very nicely now.