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Buy guino a new touchscreen fund !!!

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  • Buy guino a new touchscreen fund !!!

    Running total - $610 -- GOAL ACHIEVED
    .. updated now by Guino as he has received pennys from very nice folk that havent posted in this thread

    I talk to Guino lots on msn.. hes always helping me out with bits of code and additions to roadrunner. In passing he mentioned his xenarc screens on its way out. Now ... it needs a new controller board.. but I was thinking more on the lines of one of them new transreflective screens.. Now hes never asked for anything from anyone and hes always answering questions no matter how many times hes answered the 'same' question before hes always very helpful..

    SO although I already spend hours skinning and stuff I want to start a thankyou fund off.. just as a way of saying 'thanks m8' I'm going to start the ball rolling and paypal him $20.00 for his efforts and hopefully get him a new screen

    So the fund starts.. It will only take about 60 people to donate $10 to him and he will have something to show for all his coding..

    To donate and buy him a new transreflective screen from mp3car store.. simply goto his website and click on the donate button.. Come on lads get your hand in your pockets..

    hmmm I wonder if mp3car will do us a discount as I bet Guino has brought alot of people to mp3car forums and a percentage of them will have bought stuff.. who knows..

    anyway.. if you donate and if you want to.. please post the amount on here so I can update this first post to a running total..

    cheers lads

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    Will sort out my paypal account and and donate in the next few days.


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      $10 from me is on the way

      Thanks Guino!


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        Done, another $10 for a great programmer!
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          Done... thanks, Guino!


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            30 sent.


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              I really appreciate the effort guys... for the time being, the screen still is "usable"..

              here's a quick video of what's happening.. (DIVX). Believe me when I say, this is no "transition effect" or "special feature".. hehe
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                enjoy the new touchscreen guino you deserve it you work hard,
                i was donating $20 but my wireless is playing up and i submitted it twice.
                So thats $40 from me, all the more closer to your target .
                will teach me to check first huh LOL


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                  Thanks Guino ...

                  Guino -

                  I dropped you a few pennies pal .... Thanks for everything you've done here, your work and the forum support is stunning. Just a sign of thanks...

                  Chek your inbox so I know it landed ....

                  Originally posted by guino View Post
                  I really appreciate the effort guys... for the time being, the screen still is "usable"..

                  here's a quick video of what's happening.. (DIVX). Believe me when I say, this is no "transition effect" or "special feature".. hehe


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                    $50 from me.......thanks for all the good work guino

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                      here's 25 more. I think it's about time to edit that total.
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                        Thanks for all your Help Guino!

                        You've sent a secure payment of $20.00 USD to wb(*NOSPAM*)[email protected] through PayPal. You'll receive an email receipt shortly.
                        Thanks for all your coding, help and for certainly the best Front End available !!!!!
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                          10$ donation sent. Thanks Guino for all your hard work.
                          The road is long but we are getting there.


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                            10$ are on the way - thanks for the good work and that its open source!


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                              Sent $20 - Thanks Guino

                              Can we start a "Buy FocusDan a transreflective screen fund" too?