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Disappearing Dialogs in Embedded app

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  • Disappearing Dialogs in Embedded app

    I`m new at this so please be gentle. I have searched the forums and found some things to try which I have to no avail. Anyway onto the problem in hand. I am making a skin to display a DVR application I have so I can show reverse camera in the middle of the screen without losing satnav or MP3 capability. I am using the following command line

    "RUN;C:\Program Files\PCDVRMobile\MobileDVR.exe;!TServerWnd!Mobile DVR"

    The program embedds perfectly however when I goto access the menus the dialogs appear then disappear behind the apps main display. After searching the only similar thread with a similar issue contained the following from Guino

    "He should make sure to set the main window as the "parent" of the popup/child window.. this way, when it comes up, It will not be "hidden" behind the main window of the application. He can use the SetParent windows API function to associate the above. IF many dialogs need to be open at the same time, then he should most likely just change the class/window title for his popups so you can use it with skinbedder for instance."

    I asked my Software engineer about the SetPaent command and he replied "Not really sure what you're driving at with SetParent comment, as the menu dialogs are already all application-modal children of TServerWnd (they have to be in order for the menus to be modal to the main window)."

    Anybody have any ideas as I would really like to have this all running from within RR.

    Again sorry if the answer is staring me in the search window

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    It's pretty simple, tell me this:

    Run the application OUTSIDE RR, then bring up the dialog,
    1-can you still click/use the window behind it ?
    2-when you click the window bellow (The main window), does the dialog disappear behind it ?

    If the answer to 1 is YES, then the dialog is NOT modal. If the answer to 2 is YES, then the dialog is not parented by the main window (despite of what he may tell you). This really is a simple change, regardless of the language used, question is if you'll find somebody to apply it. Yes, all windows have a parent, even if it's the desktop window (owned by windows), but this is no requirement -- it's only a choice of the programmer.

    On another note, he may not HAVE to use setparent, as he should probably be providing the window handle for the parent window when creating the dialog.
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      1. No.
      2. No.

      I worked as a developer on the software application in question and I assure you that I definitely know what a modal dialog is!

      The application is only broken when run via RR, same as with OziExplorer (an excellent application that I've been a registered user of for a shade over 3 years). I'm not familiar with RR at all - I don't even have a copy here to be honest - so it may be a user error of some kind or an RR config error that is causing it, but it isn't the embedded application at fault.

      Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.