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TV and radio card(HELP Guino)

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  • TV and radio card(HELP Guino)

    Hi Guino,
    Not sure that this post is correct here (delete it if is not in right place)but......
    I have great problems to found a TV and radio card compatible with the drivers that works in RR.....
    First I try Wintv fm usb Hauppage but the radio reception is very bad....
    Next try to found a Terratec Cinergy 600 fm PCI but is out of production...
    I'm not sure that the model Cinergy 250 fm works well with the Terratec drivers and don't want to begin a collection of tv card before found the right one.
    Can U suggest some tv and radio card (PCI) that works fine in RR????



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    check out mp3car store. they have some nice FM tuner there. I heared from ppl that it is very good device with very very nice reception
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      TV Tuners and Road Runner

      I have a WinTV-PVR-150MCE and it works perfectly with Road Runner. I THINK most of the Haupage cards will work ok. Radio reception is really good, with the included FM Dipole antennae.

      The PVR 150 is a great deal at $94 and includes a remote control as well.
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        You should listen to the recomendations of users that have the units. Reception on the WinTV depends on the antenna I'd say, but chances are the newer models are better. I hear good things about the RadioShark and HQCT but those are both USB (for as much as I hate USB). If the Cinergy600 is out of production, there are not many good PCI options.
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