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Guino: Start tracking GPS with Streets and trips

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  • Guino: Start tracking GPS with Streets and trips

    First and foremost. I really dig RR. I have it pretty much tweaked to all my needs and the support has been awesome. But, I need some help. I am using Brushed metal skin for Streets and trips for my external GPS program and it works great. I have written an autoscript to start tracking and centering my position automatically when i select the GPS option on the top level skin. But when i use that script within RR it only starts streets and trips and doesnt do the keystrokes with the program.

    The keystrokes i need it to run are

    Alt T
    Alt G
    Alt S

    Alt T
    Alt G
    Alt M

    I am trying to use AUTOHOTKEYS and it works if the program is executed independant of RR but fails to run if selected within RR.

    Any Ideas?


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    How are you running this autohotkeys ? chances are it's not working because of a focus issue when launching it. You can try to use the ACTIVATE command followed by the keystrokes you need with SENDKEY.. Although, I personally discourage the use of S&T in the car.
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      I don't know anything about scripting it but if you want a button to do what you are talking about it would be


      You only need to send the ALT once, then you have the menu open, then each letter after that is direct input.

      Example Button: B05,1,351,49,60,"SENDKEY;%tgs%tgm","Start and Center"



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        I use a script (vbs) that i run every minute in scheduled tasks.
        If the instance of Streets.exe is different than the last then it sets up tracking.
        If it's the same instance then it does nothing.

        So, within a minute of streets.exe getting launched it will be setup.
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