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How to get the full path of a customdl list item?

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  • How to get the full path of a customdl list item?

    as in the topic:

    I have an extension plugin and would need the full path of the currently selected dl list item.

    The same for the playlist would also be nice - currently i can retrieve it from the winamp.m3u file....

    Any help would be appreciated...

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    This is a relatively advanced topic. From the extension plugin, you have access to the Calling Screen's objects when a button/command is executed from it. So you CAN access that data directly when processing button codes. An example of this method would be (from the ProcessCommand function):

    case "plugin_showpath"
    msgbox frm.DL.Path + frm.DL.GetItem(frm.DL.Value)

    Add the above and make a button in the audio browser with that code and when pressing it, a messagebox with the path to the item selected will show. You'd have to look at RR's frmSkin's objects and their properties to know what all you can/can't do.. this does not

    However, if you wish to access such information on a timer basis, you can request "DLPATH" and "DLTEXT" via SDK's request commands -- this would require you to add a form (even if hidden), to implement the SDK support to receive messages from RR.
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      thanks for the quick answer!

      Is there also a way to get the path of an item in the playlist? It seems that the playlist array is not visible from the plugin...