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  • Loading a saved Playlist

    Ok, I have searched extensively (using this board, and google's Site search feature, the Skin commands.txt ect ect....), and can't seem to find what I am looking for.

    I want to simply have a button to load a saved playlist. NOT a hardcoded button, with the name of the playlist in the buttons code.
    Such as:
    "LOADROCK","RUNQ;<Path>\Winamp.exe <Path>\Rock.m3u||RELOADLIST"
    I am looking to press a button to go to either another screen/pop-up menu(prefered) showing the contents of the playlist directory (as configured in the RR.ini), and select one from it.

    I just can't figgure out how to browse to the defined directory in the RR.ini when pressing a button, and have the playlists that are saved displayed to choose from.

    I have seen lots of workarounds to load playlists such as pressing a button up to 5 times for different playlists, and a menu that chuck designed to press an icon to load a certain defined playlist.

    It seems quite odd to me that you can press a button and the OSK pops up to allow you to input a name of the playlist and save it, but not be able to do anything to load it, other than hardcoding the playlist name on a buttons code.
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    what i do is create a folder inside my music lib (mine is named -{saved list}-) and this is where i save all my playlist.
    When your inside the audio browser just go into the folder where the playlist are and load them.
    I named the -{saved list}- like this so its allways at the top of the list so i dont have to search for it.
    01101100 01101001 01110001 01110101 01101001 01100100 01011111 01110011
    01101101 01101111 01101011 01100101

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      You can do exactly what you want though, make a popup screen with a Folder list in it, and use the SD definition to define where it will be showing files from. Then just use the MENU command to display it, up/down to scroll and the SELECT command to load it.. I am pretty sure a few users have done that already.
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        Hello John,

        Download this skin Black Vinyl on Aluminium

        Press the bottom right menu button to get to the main menu,
        Select top left button marked MP3 to get the audio Player menu
        In the centre of the screen is The button to get to the Audio Browser screen.

        On the right in the Playlist section are three buttons to load, save and clear Playlists.

        To get the load option working for your config, you need to make sure that you have the SD entry in the set to point to the directory of your saved playlists, or to the variable $playlistpath$, like this

        MEDIACAR Skin
        MEDIACAR Black Vinyl on Aluminium Skin
        PList_Empty.jpg,PList_Off.jpg,PList_On.jpg,PList_D own.jpg

        /, SD, Alignment;Alignment, Disp;MODE, Icon Width, Icon Heigth, Path

        /, S, x, y, w, h, fore R;RGB, G, B, back R;RGB, G, B, folder R;RGB, G, B, file R;RGB, G, B, selected R;RGB, G, B, select R;RGB, G, B, trs, font pt;FONT, font name
        S01,15,52,232,262,0,255,0,,,,255,255,255,,,,128,0, 0,255,255,128,,16,"Arial:B"

        /, L, x, y, w, h, color R;RGB, G, B, font size;FONT, font name, Code;LABELCODES, Tooltip;LABELALIGNMENT
        L01,15,15,230,33,149,149,0,20,"Arial:B","=Playlist s","CENTER"
        L02,21,355,98,42,255,255,0,20,"Arial:B","=Load","C ENTER"
        L02,145,355,98,42,255,255,0,20,"Arial:B","=Cancel" ,"CENTER"

        /, B, x, y, w, h, Command;COMMANDCODES, Tooltip


        If this is the sort of thing you want to do, hack the skin commands to suit your requirements.

        Good Luck
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          Thanks Guys!

          guino, as always thats for the quick reply and a sollution!

          Thanks Kpjuk for the sample code! I appreceiate it, I just couldnt seem to get it to work here.

          Thanks guys!
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