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  • A little help please!

    I got RR to run perfectly on my desktop so I figured it wouldn't be hard to get running in my car.. Well I installed winamp (2.95 recommended) and then the RR installer just like on my desktop. I setup the options just like my desktop also, at least I think so. Anyways, I cannot get RR to play songs in my car.. Any suggestions or help I can offer to solve this problem. I tried about 8 different things and everytime RR kept freezing. Thanks for any help!

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    maybe forgot to install the vb6 runtime files in the carpc?
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      Try a different skin if you haven't already. Also, put a debugmode=true in your rr.ini and then have a look at the debug.txt after RR crashes. Try renaming your RR directory to backup and then start fresh, changing one thing at a time and testing until either everything's working, or you've found the problem.


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        My bet is that you're trying to run a skin with flash without flash installed.. that or/and you're using one of them nlite or tinyxp installs.. check the Flash FAQ.
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          Everyone thank you so much for the help.. had school/interviews today so just getting on the computer.. I installed the flash program and it worked perfectly Thanks guino for the help and deus and liquid for the responses!