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    Ok, I've got the part clipped out, and from what I learned in an earlier thread, I believe I've got the keys in my skin set up correctly to send the key strokes to Mozilla Thunderbird. The problem is, I can't get Thunderbird to launch on startup. I'm not sure why this is. I used winspecter and I'm pretty sure I'm not getting the correct information about the windows to launch it. Anyone know the correct window name for the Mozilla Thunderbird inbox screen? Please let me know. Thanks a bunch.

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    Here's what I have:

    Class - MozillaUIWindowClass
    Window - Inbox - Thunderbird

    On my menu, to get into the email skin that I've made here's what I have:

    LOAD;;C:\Program Files\Mozilla Thunderbird\thunderbird.exe;thunderbird

    I'm not sure where I'm going wrong. As I understand it, if I have this in my skin, I don't need an ini in the launch folder.

    On another note, this is what I have under my Just wanting to make sure that I'm doing this right.

    MEDIACAR email Skin
    emailbackground.jpg,emailbackground.jpg,emailbackg round.jpg,emailbackground.jpg

    /, C, x, y, w, h
    Send,550,380,100,100,"ACTIVATE;Inbox - Thunderbird||SENDKEY;{CONTROL}{ENTER}","Send"
    Write,450,380,100,100,"ACTIVATE;Inbox - Thunderbird||SENDKEY;{CONTROL}{M}","Write"
    Trash,350,380,100,100,"ACTIVATE;Inbox - Thunderbird||SENDKEY;{DELETE}","Trash"
    Forward,250,380,100,100,"ACTIVATE;Inbox - Thunderbird||SENDKEY;{CONTROL}{L}","Forward"
    Reply,150,380,100,100,"ACTIVATE;Inbox - Thunderbird||SENDKEY;{CONTROL}{R}","Reply"
    GetMail,50,380,100,100,"ACTIVATE;Inbox - Thunderbird||SENDKEY;{CONTROL}{SHIFT}{T}","Get Mail"
    Down,0,200,100,100,"ACTIVATE;Inbox - Thunderbird||SENDKEY;{DOWN}","Down"
    Up,0,100,100,100,"ACTIVATE;Inbox - Thunderbird||SENDKEY;{UP}","Up"


    The skin won't even pop up right now, I'm assuming it's because my button loader is wrong to get into the skin. When I could get into the skink (without thunderbird popping up), the trash button was black and it gave me a text box. It was real weird. Not sure why, but if you have any input on that, it'd much greatly appreciated.


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        Hi Jgarth,

        you are not defining your buttons correctly which may be your problem.

        You need to define an application area on the skin first

        Then set up your buttons:

        MEDIACAR Skin
        MEDIACAR email Skin
        emailbackground.jpg,emailbackground.jpg,emailbackg round.jpg,emailbackground.jpg

        /, A, x, y, w, h, color R;RGB, G, B

        /, B, x, y, w, h, Command;COMMANDCODES, Tooltip
        B01,550,380,100,100,"ACTIVATE;Inbox - Thunderbird||SENDKEY;{CONTROL}{ENTER}","Send"
        B02,450,380,100,100,"ACTIVATE;Inbox - Thunderbird||SENDKEY;{CONTROL}{M}","Write"
        B03,350,380,100,100,"ACTIVATE;Inbox - Thunderbird||SENDKEY;{DELETE}","Trash"
        B04,250,380,100,100,"ACTIVATE;Inbox - Thunderbird||SENDKEY;{CONTROL}{L}","Forward"
        B05,150,380,100,100,"ACTIVATE;Inbox - Thunderbird||SENDKEY;{CONTROL}{R}","Reply"
        B06,50,380,100,100,"ACTIVATE;Inbox - Thunderbird||SENDKEY;{CONTROL}{SHIFT}{T}","Get Mail"
        B07,0,200,100,100,"ACTIVATE;Inbox - Thunderbird||SENDKEY;{DOWN}","Down"
        B08,0,100,100,100,"ACTIVATE;Inbox - Thunderbird||SENDKEY;{UP}","Up"


        You need to change your sendkey syntax. I think it shouls be

        + for SHIFT,
        ^ for CTRL, and
        % for ALT.

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