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Opinion please: Navigating between VIDEO <-> DVD

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  • Opinion please: Navigating between VIDEO <-> DVD

    Alright guy, as you know that there is a bug that hardly any one discover except this 1 guy kolemieux

    If you are using Internal DVD (MPC) and/or built-in VIDEO player, you CANNOT going from VIDEO to DVD or from DVD to VIDEO. If you want to do, you have to go to other player first like Sirus, audio, xm, tv ....

    Okay, I fixed this bug a while ago and kolemieux has been beta test it. Now I need you guys to confirm me if it is really a bug or simply a skin problem (I am sure it's a bug back when I did the dual monitor code ). Would you like this to be fixed? Does this bug bother your usage?

    At the same time, I would like to modify the process of navigating from one player to another. The current code is a little messy due to my "dual monitor" code. I want to reduce the number of "if this do that" type of statement. This process mostly involve 2 subroutines (CheckIn and CheckAfter) within modRoadRunner.bas file. I already start the process but my laziness homo is kicking up another knotch. .
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    I am (Personally) not affected by either or -- I use PowerDVD for playback and it works fine, however, I have made plans to build a WMP based video support as an option for RR... sometime.
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      Originally posted by guino View Post
      however, I have made plans to build a WMP based video support as an option for RR... sometime.
      Guino! You SHOULD know better! This just opens up the flood gates to:

      1) "When will it be done?"
      2) "When will you release it."
      3) "Me Too!!!!!"
      4) "Is it done yet"
      5) "When will it be done?"
      6) "Will it support version xxx?"
      7) "is it done yet"?
      8) "Can I beta test it"?

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        ok... let's start...

        when will it be done?

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