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id3 tags with online streaming?

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  • id3 tags with online streaming?

    Hey all-

    I have an evdo connection and have been building my pls/m3u lists for online streaming. When i use this playlist, the station loads fine, however i have the following problems:

    1) when the station loads in winamp, i can see constant updates to the id3 tag as the song changes. With RR (loadlist or browsing to the pls), i can only see the tag http://IP_ADDRESS. It doesnt even show the station name, much less the track name. Is there any way to show this info?

    2) from time to time, winamp looses the station and has to rebuffer. Can anyone recommend buffer/stack sizes to try to prevent this problem.



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    For 1 you'd have to use the LOADLIST command so it loads the station names from the M3U files.

    For 2 I got nothing, I mean, my guess is your internet connection is lagging from time to time.
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      guino, thanks bud.. working on it now.