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Will this work with Roadrunner?

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  • Will this work with Roadrunner?

    There is an adapter for the xmdirect that will transmit the sound via USB. My quesiton is will RR have any issues controlling the unit?

    Has anyone used this before to see how it works?
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    it seems that you'd still have to use the old serial cable to control it, so chances are very high RR will control it. From a sound level standpoint however, you may not be able to control the volume of the unit through RR -- or at the most you'd be able to do it using the line in plugin (which may screw with the sound quality). If you only use a headunit to control volume (like me), then you should be fine.
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      I must add, AWSOME FIND
      wow, all though I do not have XM anymore. This little unit would have been handy when I did.
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