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Road Runner not loading multiple directories.

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  • Road Runner not loading multiple directories.

    I'm having a strange problem in road runner and I'm asking for help after just about giving up trying everything I could think of. When loading songs in any skin (using Astro and Freedom 2.1), I can load one directory at a time (sorted by Artist/Album) and the songs queue up just fine, but I can only load one album at a time. If the artist has multiple albums, it will load the album names into the playlist and do nothing.

    Using winamp 5.1 (whatever the newest is) and roadrunner from september 9th I believe. Winamp seems to work fine in windows, it will load the songs contained within the directories, but in road runner, just the directory names.

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    Some user reported similar issue with 5.3, I'd try version 2.95 and see if that sorts it, I have 5.13 myself and it works as it should, have yet to try any newer version. It should always load the songs inside the folders though.
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      I saw that other post in the bug forums, going to try 2.93, 5.13 and 5.24 on my lunch break today.