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    I can't seem to get WinDVD 7 to work right. I'm using RoadRunner and the brushed Metal Skin.

    I've set my "DVD" button to: "LOAD;", it launches the skin but never starts WinDVD.

    If I start WinDVD first, stop the DVD(automatic play is on) minimize WinDVD and THEN run RR it embeds fine. I've got the path to WinDVD set correctly(I swear!) and I have tried several different Window Titles with no results.

    I know WinAmp starts in the background at launch, should WinDVD do the same?

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    why not just use the "built in" dvd player of winamp?

    My guess is that the skin isn't calling winamp. Everything seems to work well except for opening. Make sure the path is correct. Use the full path name with c: and all just for checking.
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      I was using windvd7 with my old setup and got it to work fine... lol just don't remember what I did seeing as how I haven't set it up on my new carpc yet. I think it had something to do with the options in WinDVD itself. If I get around to it I'll see if I can install it on my new system and let you know what's up with it. Cheers.


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        1-Make sure you have the latest RR
        2-If so, Post a debug log of you trying to launch WinDVD without it already running.
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          You should in RRConfig select "use external dvd player" and enter the correct path and windowname for WinDVD (i suppose you have done this already).

          Then you must use "DVD" as command in, not "LOAD;", and the skin file should be called, not


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            Checking the path of an application

            This is just a very simple way to trouble shoot to see if a path is correct:

            Simply copy the path in the RR config (As the dialog is set to automatically browse for an application when clicked in, you will have to click and highlight the whole line, then when you release the mouse button, click cancel, then Control C to copy it, or right click on it and choose copy) Then go to the start menu, select Run, and paste the line, and click OK. If the app (whatever it may be) launches, then the path is 100% correct.

            Pretty basic stuff really, but I have used this just to make sure that I had the path absolutely correct, so I could look elsewhere for whatever problem I was having.
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              I think that Passe is on the right track. If I've got the External DVD player path set correctly I shouldn't need the LOAD command in the I'll try that after work. Thanks for the suggestions, if it doesn't work I'll post a debug log.


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                I fixed the problem which was apparently me. I updated RR, changed skins and fixed my config. Now MPC plays DVDs fine so I don't need WinDVD. I had it all screwed up, guess I shouldn't work on this thing into the wee hours of the morning.