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destinator pn gr with RR

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  • destinator pn gr with RR

    I can t make it work please help me

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      As a New user, (Your VERY first post), you need to be a lot more specific than just: "It won;t work, please help!"

      We need a lot more information than you have supplied here! Did you install Destinator for your PPC? Have you downloaded FreeDrive and set it up correctly? Did you open and set everything up correctly in the Road Runner Config? What skin are you using?
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        Hallo, in der German Board is an working PN Version that works with all Maps (PN, Desti6 ..)
        One User has good ideas to use this Prog without SDK (SkinBedder).

        On my Car PC i have an working PN with Destinator 6 Maps. The only problem is the OSK. I need Help to get the OSK in the MC2.0 Skin.

        Here is a german how to install:

        My english is to bad to translate , sorry.

        If someone have an Idea for the MC2 skin and OSK , I am very happy.

        The Files (german) :