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Microphone sensitivity

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  • Microphone sensitivity

    Does the mic slider built into RR control the sentivity of the microphone, for example when using phoneco or SAPI?

    I'm still building my system, so can't test yet. My instinct says no, because all the sliders seem to be linked to the playback page of windows mixer, not the recording page - and it's the recording level I want to control.


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    Microphone control

    I believe that it does indeed control the sensitivity of the microphone. I do not have a microphone control on my Skin's EQ.

    The easiest way to test it, is to open windows sound settings and leave it open, adjust the microphone in the EQ in road runner, and you will see the sliders move on the windows panel as well.
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      My system is nearing completion, so I'm able to try things out for real.

      For posterity, the Mic slider in RR does NOTcontrol the sensitivity. It controls the volume at which the mic input is replayed over the speakers.
      In the world of Car PCs, it seems to be that this should be muted all the time.

      This does not affect the recording level of the microphone, which must be controlled through the windows mixer.