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GPS in Windows, but not RR?

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  • GPS in Windows, but not RR?

    Hope I dont get flamed for this, I did some searching but came up empty.

    My GPS works great when I run iGuidance by itself in windows. But when I loat it up in RR, it just shows the same screen, and doesnt do anything really.

    Im sure this is something simple, any help would be appreciated.

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    GPS with Road RUnner

    Open the Road RUnner config and change the GPS port in there to something else. You are probably running iGuidance and RR on the same GPS port and causing a conflict.

    I won't flame you but I will say that this has been covered in the forums again and again.....
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      i dont think hes actually loading any gps app. "it just shows the same screen, and doesnt do anything really."

      you need to setup what application to load when you click the gps button in RR.
      Open RRConfig.exe and setup the options under GPS.
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        wow LS, that's the NICEST screen shot I've ever seen with the piece of tape and the bent corner.. nice nice.. lol


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          I got it fixed actually. It needed to be reloaded or something... not exactly sure what was going on. But while in RR i exited iGuidance thru the iGuidance menu, like quit the program. It somehow reloaded itself, and was working. Thanks for the suggestions tho!