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How to stop multiple IG3

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  • How to stop multiple IG3

    I am new to using frontends but learning quickly. However this is my problem, how do i stop IG3 from running multiple instance, (meaning everytime i click on my ig3 shortcut a new one start, or using RR everytime i switch back to gps from other menus I end up with 3 4 5 6 7 instance of ig3, when i exit from RR i have to close out all ig3 instance this is causing resource problem. to avoid this in RR I cannot switch to different menu. Can any one assist me in how to solve this problem. Thanks
    OS Winxp Pro

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    sounds like you dont have it setup correctly.
    Your prob missing the window title and who knows what else.

    what versions of RR and what skin?
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      I am using rr 11/12/2006 with Blue Devil 112206. Thanks for the reply


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        Multiple iGuidance windows

        Open the RoadRUnner Config utility, click the GPS tab at the top. Ensure you have te settings like the below screen capture:
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          Thanks for the help the problem was the gps window name was incorrect,
          One other question, when i try to use the map it in the gas price finder window all I get is the ig3 menu window, what should I do next? Thanks again for all your contribution, RR & Blue Devil Rules.