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    Is there a way to set the playlist name as a variable? Say I have a directory list with all my playlists and I select one from it. While it's playing I resort the file or delete a song from it. I'd like to make my load playlist button also load the playlist name into a variable so that I can add buttons like: "minus1||SAVEPLAYLIST;$playlistpath$$playlistname$ "

    I'm assuming it can't be too complicated if there's a rr label for the playlist name.

    If you're at all wondering I'm trying to make a playlist management skin with some new features that I haven't been able to find elsewhere: Moving songs within playlist

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    whenever you load a playlist you can also specify the name of the list
    here is a snipit from a much larger command
    $PSETNAME1$ is the custom name of the list, the value of this var gets set by the contents of the "PLAYLIST" lablel code using this

    (you should also savetoini for the vars if you want to restore the values when RR reloads)

    you can also save a custom name, by using OSKTOCMD;PSETNAME1
    this will open the OSK and whatever you type will be saved to the var PSETNAME1

    if you need some more example or a peek at my code im using to manage about 15 different playlist all with custom names let me know.
    01101100 01101001 01110001 01110101 01101001 01100100 01011111 01110011
    01101101 01101111 01101011 01100101

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      Thanks a lot liquid_smoke. That really got me in the right direction. Just as an FYI for anyone whoe stumbles accross this. Here are the three lines that I used on some of my buttons:

      setvarbycode;playlist;playlist (Takes the code from playlist label and writes it as a variable)

      savetoini;playlist;$playlist$ (Takes the variable written above and wrtites it to rr.ini to survivve restart)

      savelist;$playlistpath$$playlist$.m3u (Saves currently playing playlist, used after commands such as minus1 and leaving the audio browser)

      Example buttons:
      "select||setvarbycode;playlist;playlist||savetoini ;playlist;$playlist$" (Load playlist button)

      "minus1||savelist;$playlistpath$$playlist$.m3u " (Minus1 button)