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Embedding Navigator 4.4

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  • Embedding Navigator 4.4

    I just had to re-install Navigator 4.4, and found that the app "stopped" embedding itself in Road Runner !

    The problem was that on the default install, the Main window is defined only as Navigator. Inside the main window are two other windows, an information panel, and a map window. The map window title bar contains the data associated with the portion of the map that is showing. This information gets transferred to the main window title, only when you maximise the map window. If you then save the application, the next time the app loads, it does so with the map window maximised, and the name has now changed from
    Navigator - [50? 08'21.8"N, 8? 28' 12"E, 1:36700000]

    You can use the extended name to embed the app.

    To embed Navigator use the following button command,

    B120,100,100,100,055,"LOAD;;!QWid get;C:\Program Files\Navigator4_4\Navigator.exe;Navigator - ",""

    Obviously change directory to the location on your system of the Navigator Application.

    This should embed the screen properly for you, and stop a second grey screen from appearing.

    This is a great program when it embeds and works properly, but it can be a little troublesome to get it set up as you want it.

    I also have if anyone is interested an autoit script that I use to check that 3 key options are set,
    - GPS Tracking on
    - Map direction on
    - Centre on GPS on

    The script checks the pixel colour at a given location and moves the mouse and clicks the icon if its not set. I create a custom toolbar with just these three options on it, as you can see from the screenshot.

    Good Luck
    Attached Files
    M1000, 512MB, 512MB CF, 6GB Disk (4200rpm),
    DVD/RW, Dynamix 8" screen, M2-ATX, Custom case,Too many hours building and rebuilding and rebuild.......