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Issue with Standby and Sound. Please help?

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  • Issue with Standby and Sound. Please help?

    RR 2006/11/12
    Winamp v2.95 or v5.24

    Currently doing shakedown test of my carPC, in car, to try and work out the bugs or whatever before final installation.

    So here's a description of the issue:

    When using the "Standby" button command from RR, the system goes into standby, no problem, and I turn off the ACC. However, when resuming by turning on the ACC line, RR resumes and it looks as if music is playing, but no sound is coming through.

    The odd thing is that when the system hibernates and resumes via ACC off/on, everything works as it should: RR resumes, music is playing, no problems there.

    I've closed RR and checked to see if it was an RR issue, but no sound plays at all even w/o RR running after using the "Standby" command in RR. Stand alone winamp looks like it's playing the music, but still no sound. I've checked the volume controls, device manager, ran a troubleshoot, etc. with no luck and none closer to figuring out what's wrong.

    I have to restart the PC to get sound back.

    Seeing that the hibernate/resume function is working, I figured that RR was doing "something" with the "Standby" command, so I thought I'd start here first. I've searched the archives, but did not find anything the resembles my issue.

    I would like to have this functionality working so that I do not have to go to full hibernation for quick stops.

    Pico-ITX / XP Home with EWF-HORM / RR v12/02/2009 / Winamp v5.13 / RRMedia v1.2.2

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    Windows muting

    I wish I could give a direct answer, but I can't.

    I do know that RR temporarily mutes the audio when it receives the shutdown/power off/hibernate command from windows. It then is supposed to return the volume level back to normal before RR completely shuts down. It sounds like it is staying in that muted state and not returning the volume level to normal.

    When you reboot / come out of standby, check the windows sound panel, and see if windows itself is muted. This is at least a place to start, and can hopefully narrow down the problem.
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