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Help me: What is supported in regard to IPODs?

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  • Help me: What is supported in regard to IPODs?

    I have read lots of threads here, but I do not fully understand what is supported and what is not.

    I am going to use my new Ipod video with RR. As far as I know RR can read the itunes database on the Ipod and present 4 "virtual" folders:
    -- IPOD Artists --
    -- IPOD Genres --
    -- IPOD Titles --
    -- IPOD Playlists --

    As far as I have figured out, some of the playlists work.. other playlists are empty.
    Selecting by 'Genres' is tedious as I am forced to drill down to artists, albums, title..


    What else is supported? I found a thread about a RATING-PLUGIN. I wonder if this will work with the Ipod or does it only work with the Winamp database?!

    So why not using winamp (instead of RR) to interface with the ipod and tell it to automatically sync the ratings?! You see? Do you think this would be a reasonable way?

    I have some experience in VB6 and VB.NET, so I could add some features to the source code.. Can someone get me started?!

    How do you guys interface with an Ipod (if you have one)?