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Help? -- LineIN Audio event Pausing or Muting RR

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  • Help? -- LineIN Audio event Pausing or Muting RR

    Guys ---

    Intersting question with a new Motrolla Bluetooth AUTO KIT because I simply can't get any app to work between RR and my Blackberry - bites. But - this Motorolla kit is rather slick and has killer reviews:

    It also voice activates phones like the BB which lack that.

    Here is my QUESTION...... It has the ability to AUDIO-OUT thru the car stereo if your stereo supports auto muting...... My PREFERENCE would be to take the AUDIO-OUT thru my LINE-IN on my CarPC and then have it assume an action with RR.....

    ALMOST IDENTICAL to what the IG3 new features do, once it senses that IG3 is talking, it performs some action. Hence with this - if not possible native in RR (which maybe I am missing something), it would then perform that action once the MOTOROLLA sends AUDIO to the INPUT...

    The other option as well is the included external speaker it comes with, or some other work around. I am well open to ideas.

    Guys --- any good ideas with RR or another app that could help me with this.


    Thanks ----

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    you'd have to have something hardware-wise to detect the audio input from the device and send some command/signal to perform an action in the machine.. either that or use plenty of CPU load and some very fancy sound card + specific software to constantly record and analyze the audio input in order to detect audio and trigger events...
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      I would expect the mute signal to be a seperate wire from the audio connections. You could easily connect the audio into the line-in socket of your sound card - the challenge is to make the mute signal trigger the RR mute.

      Most car kit mute signals work on the principle that when the "phone" is speaking, the mute wire is connected to ground. You can use this to switch a relay, which is connected across the buttons of a game pad. You could then use software like Girder to trigger RR to mute.

      In principle it should be relatively easy, but you'll need to be a bit handy with a soldering iron.