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  • more voice control questions

    Has anybody compiled a list with all of the available voice commands yet and how do you go about adding to it. it would be very cool to have it fully control rr and iguidance. my touchscreen broke, and using a mouse on the freeway= bad idea. any help would be greatly appriciated thanks

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    Originally posted by 95rodeo View Post
    any help would be greatly appriciated thanks
    Buy a new touchscreen Voice control = bad idea. (wait for the flamers )
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      Just buy a new touch panel (not a whole new screen) ~ $50.. you can control RR by voice using NaviVoice or using WhodWho's voice control plugin.. though you'd need a good mic to use it.
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        im using the plugin and having fairly good results but what im trying to figure out is what commands can i say to it. i figured out a few and i saw the ones in the readme but are there others? or can i add more to it. if so how???? thank you soooo much. btw it was the screen that i f**ked up not the touch panel