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file manager in MC2.0

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  • file manager in MC2.0

    Im trying to make the file manager from freedom 2.1 run within MC2.0

    I have copied over the filemanager.exe and filemanager.swf files into my MC2.0 folder , but i have tried editing the menu.txt to add a button for the filemanager "&button13=file [email protected];filemanager&" without the quotes!

    It doesnt work, the closest i can get is to type "&button13=file [email protected];"

    It loads up a skin page, but it is the exe file i need to run, I have tried "&button13=file [email protected];filemanager.exe&" no luck

    I was thinking of adding it as a program in the "My Programs" tab, but i cannot figure out how to do it this way either.

    Does anyone know a way to make this work? it would be fantastic!

    Celeron 2ghz, 1 gig ram, 200 gig sata, DRU-R100 radio, wifi g, 7"lilliput touchscreen, opus 150w dc-dc, laptop slot load Dvd, BU-353 GPS , Destinator, Road Runner MC2.0