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  • Rear View Camera Suggestions

    Ok, I have done some searching and research on the forums, as well as on the net. I am looking for advice for a rear view /back-up camera solution. Just about all of the links I found on the forums are pretty old, and all of the links are long since dead.

    Most of the camera's I have found are RCA video, which can be a hassle, as I have no Analog Video in on my PC. (It's NOT a total deal killer, but USB would be better, and not having to spend another $60 plus just for a Video -2- USB converter.

    The real deal maker here is some sort of software, that I can embed JUST the video from the camera into Road Runner. Not a windows looking program ect with tiny buttons and all.

    The second concern is the software have the ability to flip/mirror the image.

    Any suggestions?
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    rear view cameras automatically flip the picture, its in the lens.

    an RCA camera will have a better picture than a USB based webcam solution. Sure you need a way to get the video in but it does make a huge difference.

    Every webcam/usbcam that ive used, even the high end CCD ones all suck.

    That being said a big concern when looking at a rearview camera is you need a wide FOV. 110 is ideal, you can do more. Expect to pay $60-$200. For a good rearview cam. I know that sucks.

    Look at these threads

    the last link has good pics and info.

    as for software, if you get a winTV happauge based solution the ocx sdk allows you to do whatever it is you want with it. So making a custom solution would be fairly easy. As it stands though RR is capable of directly connecting to many camera sources. (IE my laptops built in webcam, or a usb webcam i tried, or a usb wintv with a camera plugged in i tried. So really the software doesnt matter much. No need to flip the picture since the picture will always be flipped. If you want a non flipped picture for a front/view camera then you can get a wide FOV normal camera cheaper.
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      For software look at this thread (FullscreenTV):
      (Look in the thread for the latest version)
      I use this software with my USB webcam, it does not flip the picture but some webcam drivers has an option to do this (i have a Philips webcam and it has that option)

      As for webcams i tried two different models that were useless when it was dark until i found the one i have now, which is quite good.