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first capc install, a few bugs...

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  • first capc install, a few bugs...

    Last night I installed my first car pc! Well actually I build one for a friend. But anyways, the install went great, took us about 3 1/2 hours, granted I had everything bench tested so we only had to do the wiring. There are only 3 minor bugs we have to work out.

    1st we are using iGuidance whatever the latest version is, and when you click on close in RR, it does not like to stay closed. Most of the time it will close the second time you press close not sure what the issue is there.

    2ed we are picking up a noticeable noise from the engine though the speakers.

    3rd for some reason Windows is not recognizing the DVD drive through the USB extension. and yes it is an active extension. Im sure its a driver issue or something.

    but overall we are extremely pleased with the fit and finish, just have to work out a few minor bugs and we are set!