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White box when automatic skin changing occurs, after suspend

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  • White box when automatic skin changing occurs, after suspend

    Look what happens:

    I have DestinatorZoomer for GPS. When i start RR, the small GPS screen is shown in the upper left corner for split of a second, and then disappears.
    If i supend and resume there is no problem.
    BUT, if i suspend at 15:00 (example) and resume again at 22:00, (= RR automatically changes to Night Skin), I see a white box in the place where Destinator is shown.
    If I tap outside of this box, it disappears.

    This happens only when I resume + the skin must automatically change.

    If the skin changes while the RR is running, or if the resume doesn't go beyond the Night (or Day) skin time, it works fine.

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    Any ideas guys? Guino?


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      when the skin changes automatically, I'd assume RR would revert back to the main screen and your GPS application is then "unembbeded" on the wrong screen.. if this is the case, then you may want to simple add a prevention to not let RR hibernate while in the GPS screen... something like this in exectbl.ini should do:

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        I'm using Suspend, if that helps you.

        In ExecTBL, in the "ONSUSPEND" and "ONRESUME" commands, i've set to both of them to load, because I had some problems when suspending in video and TV skins.

        I'll try changing it to automaticaly return to (and not, and see if the problem remains.

        Unfortunately i'll be out of town this week for work, and I might not be able to tell you if it worked or not...