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So, does RR work in Vista or not?

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  • So, does RR work in Vista or not?

    I've been searching thru all the threads trying to determine if my new notebook can be running Vista. I'm going to install it in my car so that I can quickly remove it and use it as a media center machine when not driving. As I'm unable to find new notebooks with MCE and since some of the Vista versions have it built in - I'd like to use Vista.

    So what's the bottom line for RR and Vista?

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    Yes it will work in limp mode. Your volume will work if you switch to master line instead of "all lines" in RRConfig.

    Playlists sometimes dont work though I think I read.

    But the main question again is why?! Vista on a desktop is a completely different argument than on a CarPC. If you use a frontend, you wont see what OS you have underneath. If you use RR, why do you care about MCE? And there is a way to upgrade Pro to MCE with only a few registery edits and a <cough>borrowed</cough> CD, but make sure you own a copy of MCE. If you buy a cheap little thumbdrive off of newegg, it qualifies for the OEM version of the OS, so you can buy a disk there as far as I know.

    Everything is supported on XP, and in a year or two when everythng has switched to vista, then it will be a whole new story again.

    In a frontend, you will never see Aero. On a CarPC, usually a lower-speced system, you will wait longer on boot for the bloat that you will never use. Do you want that stupid "Are you sure" box popping up in your car?! Give it a while to settle in and for programs to catch up to it, then just upgrade. For now I say stick with XP (pro or home or mce, it doesnt matter).
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