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  • Some bugs, requests and ideas

    Iīve been using Centrafuse for a while. Itīs great, but once itīs a commercial app, just left it when the trial expired. I couldnīt be more lucky founding RR afert that. RR is a LOT lighter than Centrafuse and my slow Epia800 can handle it much better.

    But while customizing some skins for me, found some "bugs"
    1 - When placed over a button, indicators disapear once you mouse over the button even if you put the I code after the B code in the .skin file
    2 - Indicators are clickable, but you canīt navigate to it and press enter to activateīem. It would solve the above issue just using the indicator like a button and help the poor guys like me without a touchscreen
    3 - Never tested, but i guess the same happens to the album art on audio browser.
    4 - When the file is a .ogg, even if winamp properly recognizes, edit and display the tags, RR donīt show any other different from the title

    Those are my bug reports and requests

    And here is a idea I have since Iīve been using RR a lot.
    RR capabilities are GREAT. But the documentation is kinda poor. It lacks examples, images, cross references and other stuff that would be of GREAT help. What about us, users and most software developers too, divide the work between volunteers and redo all the docs using some kind of patern?!
    I volunteer myself to do it.

    That is it. If thereīs already a solution to some of the reported "bugs", let me know. And thanks for the great job in RR


    PS: just to add another issue

    5 - When changing the show width & height in the general.ini, the fonts resize fine, but the labels get misplaced. just to exemplify: when i tell RR to show my skin originally made for 848x480 in 640x480, the labes font are downsized fine, the horizontal align keeps fine, but the vertical align is wrong. (even if the screen height have not changed, the labels YPOS gotta be recalculated due to font resizing)
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    1-This really is just a design thing. it would take considerable amount of extra code (slowing down) the software to make the indicators update again after a button is drawn over it. That or it would make it a lot slower just redrawing all indicators regardless of them being updated or not.

    2/3-The idea of clickable indicators was mainly for touch-screen users. If you use a keyboard, you can easily associate as many buttons to functions (globally or on a per-screen basis) as you'd like to.

    4-I have plans of expanding the TAG support using winamp to allow improved tag support of different formats.

    5-The font size is actually NOT resized, that's why you see them in the "wrong" position. This was done because resizing the font was not really looking that great, specially when most people were just resizing the skins for adjusting monitor position. The Y position is indeed being calculated, the code to resize the Height of the font is commented out.

    Any help you or anybody else can provide, with docs, code or whatever.. is always greatly appreciated and very welcomed.
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