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XM Satellite problem

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  • XM Satellite problem

    I am sure this has been talked about as I know people have come up with a cable to get around it, but I saw something strange today. I am testing out streetdeck "just to see".....

    After hybernation, Roadrunner loses XM using the USB XM direct. However, if I start streetdeck, XM is there, then close it and open RR and it's there too.

    What's different? Both are setup the same as far as ports and line in stuff.

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    there are known issues with SOME XM devices.. I have never heard of a USB XM Direct -- the only USB XM receiver I know is the XM PCR -- that one is full of little glitches.. and there are options in RR to better suit it -- check readme.txt there are some alternat initialization commands to it.
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