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Possible bugs ?

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  • Possible bugs ?

    Hi well could this be a possible bug ?

    I have upgraded to the Latest ver of Digital FX skin. ( so had to upgrade the RR also )

    Now the RR cam doesnt work any more ( comp reboots on using Cam )
    and also the GPS STATS screen only shows Sat Locks.. ( rest stopped working )

    and also the slider and the TIME on the skin stops after 1 mts. the song continues to run in back ground till the end and then RR hangs....

    I have tried BOTH .... FRESH install and OVER RIGHT the new ver.. but still the same....

    can some 1 help PLS
    Commell LV-677 DC 6 x 6" Mother Board
    2.6 GHz; 1 Gb Ram
    120 Gb Laptop HD
    7" InDash Xenarc MTD - X7000 Screen
    Gyration Mouse ; GPS Mouse ; ELM Scan ; TPMS
    Parrot MK 6000 & iPhone
    Re done the carputer...Into the Glove Box !!