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    Howdy All,

    Ive been making changes to my system based on all the advice im finding on here and its great, so thanks to everyone who has ever posted on the site.

    I now find myself having an issue i cant see on the site.
    I have windows Vista (i know i know... but it was on it) and i have RR on it running on compatability mode with winxp - which works great and has the sound working as i wanted .. but i just discovered that Mappoint doesnt run in compatability mode at all - it keeps giving me up errors about registry problems and that i should re-install, which i did to no avail.

    Anyone got any suggestions bar turning off compatability mode on RR ??


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    Very doubtfull this combination Mappoint + RR + Vista will work.. but I don't have Vista, so I have no idea what can/could be done..
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      Back to XP i went and it seems to have resolved pretty much everything.
      No point in creating more problems than i already have


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        Mappoint Keeps Restarting

        I am not running roadrunner under compatibility mode... if i do then mappoint will not start... same error as above. When i go to GPS in roadrunner, another instance of mappoint opens every time i press a button... any ideas?


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          Frozen - the more info you provide the faster someone might be able to gelp

          Are you using Vista or XP ?
          What skin are you using ?
          Is the skin edited or standard ?
          How is your config file for GPS set up ?

          anything else you can add may also help