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Load Playlists does not work when music is paused

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  • Load Playlists does not work when music is paused

    If the music is paused, and you try to load a playlist, it will simply un-pause the music. I am not sure if this is a Winamp issue, or something to do with Road Runner. Would there be a way in the RR code to check if the music is paused, and possibly do something like Mute>Un-pause>Load Playlist>Un Mute?

    This is also the case when you double click a song / Select and choose PLAY, in the browser. If the music is paused, it will not play the song double clicked, it will just un-pause the current song.

    I can certainly do this with button code, but this is a work around that would have to be done with all skins to overcome this.
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    I recently discovered this also. I was making a little movie for the guys on the dutch carputerforum. And at the end I while the music was paused I double clicked a new song in the browser but instead of playing that song it just unpaused the last song that was playing. The new playlist was loaded however, and I simply had to select the song in the playlist to make it play.

    here is the movie. It's in the very end of the movie that the problem occurs.

    Oh yeah, JohnWPB, if you watch the movie you will notice I kinda stole something from your DigitalFX skin and put it in my modified simplistique skin. Hope you don't mind...
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