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HDRadio & IG4 issue

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  • HDRadio & IG4 issue

    I recently (1 wk) installed IG4 embedded umpc/carpc version. I also have the Directed HDRadio tuner connected to the carpc. RR version is the one that supports HD Radio. IG4 install was default, no hacks, patches, or add-ins. HD Radio is connected via serial (Mitch's) cable. IG4 is working fine and HDRadio as well. What i've noticed though is when I start the radio and then open IG4 the radio and nav works fine. I'm able to mute, raise or lower volume with no problems. But, if I switch back to radio and try to change stations the displayed station frequency changes but the radio continues to play the station that was selected when the radio was first started. If I close the radio by going to music (tuner clicks) then switch back to radio (clicks again) the radio then works as expected. This happens whether I leave IG4 open and return to the menu screen or close IG4 and return to the menu screen.

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    Does it has problem if you going to some other screen instead of the GPS screen?
    This is what I mean.
    - From RR main screen (Menu) go to Radio screen and tune in to whatever station you listen to.
    - Go to some other screen (application, setting, skin browser .... ) and stay there for a minute or 2.
    - Go back to Radio screen and change the station/frequency, do the sound change to the new station?

    I think the problem is the HD implementation rather than the embeded problem either with iG or any other apps.
    Well, I'll find out this issue once I get to install HD radio (Visteon) in my Matrix.
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      Known bug. Check the HD radio thread. mitch has a new dll that fixes the lost comms issue.
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        Thanks, I'll try the new dll as soon as I can.